Sommaren med släkten

Sommaren med släkten (”Summer with relatives”) is a light and funny comedy series, set in the Swedish archipelago during the strenoius summer months when you have pictured a perfect holiday in the summer house, but end up having to share your time and space with demanding relatives and annoying visitors. Things never turn out the way you imagined

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  • Director: Mikael Syrén
  • Writers: Simen Alsvik, Lars Gudmedstad and Peter Magnusson
  • Producer: Anette Brantin
  • DoP: Jonathan Ljunggren
  • Editor: Johan Serrander
  • Cast: Peter Magnusson, Christine Meltzer, Krister Henriksson, Anki Lidén, Christopher Wagelin, Rakel Wärmländer and Jonas Karlsson
  • Associated Partners: SBS Discovery

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  • Release Date

  • 19 March 2017

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