Tillbaka till Bromma

YouTube Preview ImageA hilarious and warm mockumentary with Peter Magnusson starring as the three guys Anders, Steven and Kenneth. Once they went in the same class, but now they find themselves in the middle of life and faces new, completely unexpected challenges: new baby, new job, new love.

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  • Director: Martin Persson
  • Writer: Martin Persson & Peter Magnusson
  • Producer: Jan Blomgren & Anette Brantin
  • DoP: Jonathan Ljunggren
  • Production design: Anna Spennare
  • Editor: Björn Eriksson
  • Cast: Peter Magnusson, Andreas Utterhall, Julia Ragnarsson, Hanna Alström, Sandra Huldt
  • Associated Partners: Svenska Filminstitutet, TV4 AB, GEL Investment, Chimney

  • Release Date

  • 19 February 2014, Sweden

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