Ping-Pongkingen / The King of Ping Pong

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A warm and humorous drama full of depth and originality set in the far north. RILLE (16) is ostracised and bullied; a nobody. Everywhere, that is, except in the ping-pong room. There he rules; he is the King of Ping Pong. His brother Erik (13) is charming, respected and loved by all. Despite the profound difference between them, they share the same blood; at least that is what they both believe. When they learn the truth about their father during their spring break, they become bitter adversaries engaged in a life and death struggle.

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  • Director: Jens Jonsson
  • Writers: Jens Jonsson & Hans Gunnarsson
  • Producer: Jan Blomgren
  • DoP: Askild Vik Edvardsen
  • Production design: Josefin Åsberg
  • Editor: Kristofer Nordin
  • Cast: Jerry Johansson, Hampus Johansson, Ann-Sofie Nurmi, Georgi Staykov, Frederik Nilsson
  • Associated Partners: Razor Film Produktion, Eurimages du Conseil de l’europé, Nordisk Film, MEDIA, Svenska Filminstitutet, Nordisk Film A/S, Filmpool Nord AB, SVT.

  • Nominations & Awards

  • Winner: Grand Jury Prize - Jury Price World Drama, Sundance Film Festival 2008
  • Winner: Cinematography Award - Best Cinematopraphy, Sundance Film Festival 2008
  • Winner: Special Jury Prize - International Competition, Montréal International Children’s Film Festival 2009
  • Winner: Silver Hugo – Best New Director, Chicago International Film Festival 2008
  • Winner: Cine Sparks Jury Award, Brisbane International Film Festival 2008
  • Winner: Golden Athena – Best Picture, Athens International Film Festival 2008
  • Nominated for a Tiger Award at the 37th International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • Selected for opening and competition (Nordic Film Prize) at The 31st Göteborg International Film Festival

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  • Official site
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  • Release Date

  • 8 February 2008, Sweden
  • 1 May 2009, Denmark

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