Mamma pappa barn / Let’s play house

Can true love be built, just the way we’d like it?
Let’s Play House, a drama-comedy celebrating the ecstatic unpredictability of love, tells the story of Jonny, a road worker and contented father and husband who, during paternity leave with his six-month-old son Lucas, carefully plans to build a dream house for his family on land his parents have given him. When he meets Rebecka, another parent on maternity leave, he is shocked to discover that true love can never be planned, true love can never be built. As Jonny´s heart soars, his dream house is turned upside down.

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  • Director: Kjell-Åke Andersson
  • Writer: Santiago Gil
  • Producer: Jan Blomgren
  • DoP: Morten Søborg
  • Editor: Fredrik Abrahamsen och Kristin Grundström
  • Cast: Torkel Pettersson, Maria Bonnevie, Åsa Persson, Mona Malm, Ingvar Hirdwall etc.

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  • 31 October 2003, Sweden
  • 9 January 2004, Norway

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